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Patient Testimonials

  • "Northport Family Dental provides a very welcoming and professional staff with state of the art technology at their fingertips. On my very first visit as a new patient I was made to feel welcome and comfortable in the clean, pleasant and organized waiting area and treatment room."

  • "This was my first visit and I was immediately impressed by the facility and the professionalism of the staff. I was further impressed by the attention to detail, explanations and information given by the Doctor about the available treatments and my options. Dental treatment is not high on my list of things I look forward to but this was a rewarding and relatively painless experience."

  • "My family and I have been going to Northport Dental for the past 20 years and we love it. Dr. Rubin is awesome and his staff of hygienists, assistants and administrators are all so nice and caring and professional. Dr. Rubin's office is total state of the art - with all the latest high-tech equipment and comfortable atmosphere. We've recommended this office to many friends who are all very happy."

  • "The staff was terrific...very friendly and welcoming. Everything went like clockwork. I can't think of an experience with a dentist that was as reassuring. Doctor Rubin was really something. He was approachable and easy to converse with. The technology and expertise was something to behold."

Smile Gallery: Smile Design

Every service we provide is done with an eye toward esthetics. Whether you need a crown to restore function or porcelain veneers to correct an esthetic problem, we can assure you that you'll be delighted with the results every time.

But we understand it can be hard to imagine how any treatment will affect the appearance of your teeth and your smile. Here are a few Before and After photos to give you an idea of the transformational results we can achieve for you!  

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man smiling | before porcelain veneers northport ny
man smiling | porcelain veneers northport ny
Porcelain Veneers to Close Spaces

What I love about these photos is the difference in how wide our patient is able to smile once he is comfortable with how he looks. Porcelain Veneers were placed to close the spaces between these severely worn upper teeth. We built back what had b...[Read More]

discolored, crooked teeth northport ny
full smile makeover northport ny
Smile Makeover To Match Personality - Ten Years Later

Our patient wanted to improve her smile and had always wanted "Hollywood White" teeth. Although not for everyone, our patient knew the "look...[Read More]

space between teeth northport ny
dental bonding northport ny
Closing Spaces = Bigger Smiles

Our goal in this case was to create a more harmonious flow of our patients' front teeth as well as obtaining improved color. At a later date, we may continue broadening his Smile by adding to his back teeth. We chose, at this time, to obtain t...[Read More]

worn down front teeth northport ny
two cerec crowns placed on patients smile | northport ny
One Visit Porcelain Crowns

Two worn front teeth were detracting from the smile and making her self-conscious - she just didn't like the way her teeth looked. Two CEREC Crowns were d...[Read More]

old metal crowns | dental crowns northport ny
cerec crowns | cosmetic dentistry northport ny
Cerec Smile Symmetry

Our patients' concern was the wide range of shapes and colors of previously placed metal-based crowns that did not match his natural teeth. This was most apparent in the mismatch of his two central incisors - the teeth which primarily "ce...[Read More]

decayed, discolored teeth northport ny
full smile design northport ny
A Smile Makeover

Having that inner confidence about your appearance is immeasurable. A comprehensive approach was required to achieve this beautiful result. Many of these teet...[Read More]

old dental crowns
dental crowns northport ny
One Visit Replacement of Unattractive Crowns

These two front teeth were placed many years ago and splinted together in order to mask a large space. Our goal was to match the adjacent teeth and create a more harmonious appearance to the eye with [Read More]

old metal dental crowns
new cerec dental crowns northport ny
Porcelain Crowns to Improve a Smile

The shapes of the teeth were modified to fit proportionately and the result is a beautiful Smile that fits the face. A crown lengthening procedure was utilize...[Read More]

gaps in discolored teeth
porcelain crowns northport ny
Porcelain Crowns to Transform Your Smile

Having Teeth that match each other just looks better. Six Porcelain Crowns were designed to match our patients' face and outgoing personality. A...[Read More]

gap in front teeth
cosmetic dentistry northport ny
Space Closure to Improve A Smile

The patient felt that the large space between her front teeth was unattractive. Restoring proportionality to create the illusion of properly sized teeth was a challenge. Pre-positioning the teeth by orthodontic means would have made the case easie...[Read More]

severly worn, chipped teeth
CEREC crowns northport ny
CEREC Crowns for Severely Worn Teeth

The main concern of this patient was that she did not want "big" teeth. The shape and the length was worked out mutually by adding tooth colored material to preview our proposed changes. Obviously, the teeth had been severely worn, due t...[Read More]

woman smiling
smile makeover northport ny
Smile Makeover Circa 1999
Another transformative case. People often teach themselves how not to smile, how to hide their smile. What is always interesting is how facial structure becomes less tense . Notice that the eyes always "pop" when facial symmetry is re-established.
person smiling
person smiling | cosmetic dentistry northport ny
"I want to look like me, only better"
We take the time to listen.We design your case based on reaching an understanding of our mutual vision.
gapped teeth
implant supported crowns northport ny
Implant Supported Crowns
A very successful case complicated by an exaggerated gag reflex. Anything removable was impossible, either as a means of temporization or as a final solution to his situation. Hopeless teeth were removed sequentially to allow for temporary bridges. I...[Read More]
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