Teeth Whitening in Northport, NY

Teeth Whitening | Northport NYAny discussion of proposed whitening treatment is prefaced with a question – are you satisfied with the color of your teeth? Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dental treatment, and with good reason. It is simply the fastest, most affordable way to alter the appearance of your smile and regain confidence when interacting with others.

Our Teeth Whitening Options in Northport, NY

At Northport Family Dental, we offer you options based on your personal preferences and goals for treatment. For patients with a tight deadline for an upcoming event, we offer light-assisted whitening treatments that produce noticeable results in less than an hour.

However, our most consistent results are seen with customized whitening trays you use at home. Well-fitting trays are made from impressions taken of your teeth, then worn while sleeping or for a short time during the day. All materials necessary to complete the procedure are included.

Take-home trays produce less sensitivity, and our patients like the idea that they have complete control over the process. When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror and think to yourself, I wouldn’t want these teeth to be any brighter than this, you stop. Having your trays on standby allows for a quick touch-up a few days before that next big event.

Adapting Teeth Whitening in Northport to Your Needs

Northport NY | Teeth WhiteningIf you are planning a full mouth reconstruction where every tooth is being restored, whitening is rarely an issue. We simply choose the color that we want everything to be and make all the restorations that color.

Things can get a little more complicated when we’re talking about improving your smile and limiting ourselves to either the upper four or six teeth. Often, there may be existing restorations in the back of your mouth that we recognize as being esthetically undesirable but less noticeable, and they often become part of a phased upgrade. A discussion becomes necessary to understand long-term goals and to determine whether whitening does or does not play a role in that plan.

Sometimes it can be very simple. If you have relatively few restorations already in your mouth and all you want is to have whiter and cleaner looking teeth, we can provide you with everything you need to help you achieve the results you’d like to see.

Please Give Our Dental Office a Call

As you can see, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before deciding on a teeth whitening treatment. At Northport Family Dental, we recommend that you come in to see us for an exam and professional cleaning. At that time, we’ll evaluate all your needs, identify any underlying dental problems that need to be addressed, and help you decide which approach will be the most effective for you to reach your goals.