Replace Missing Teeth in Northport, NY

replace missing teeth in northport, nyMissing teeth are a concern for millions of Americans. Missing teeth can be embarrassing and even compromise your oral health. At Northport Family Dental, we’re pleased to offer a wide array of tooth replacement solutions in Northport, NY to restore your smile to a whole and healthy state.

Tooth restoration improves your smile and your confidence, but it also means better oral health, reduced wear on existing teeth, and an improved bite.

We understand that appearance is important to everyone, and our goal is for you to love everything about your smile. One of the best measures of our success in achieving this goal (aside from enhanced function) is how you feel about the way you look after treatment. We want to improve your self-confidence, knowing that your replacement teeth look natural and that you feel like your smile “belongs” to your face.

The process of working with you to customize and modify your treatments is part of what we do. And your dentist in Northport, NY is not happy unless you’re happy.

If you would like to schedule an exam to learn more about tooth replacement solutions in Northport, NY, or if you have any questions, get in touch with a member of our dental staff today.

We also encourage you to keep reading to learn more about tooth replacement options and our commitment to your smile.

What are your tooth replacement solutions in Northport, NY?

At Northport Family Dental, we offer a variety of tooth replacement options. And we can generally find a solution that fits your budget, needs, and lifestyle.

Our tooth replacement options include:

  • Dental bridges to give you a seamless and uniform smile
  • Full dentures to practically and affordably stand in for complete tooth loss
  • Partial dentures to stand in for partial tooth loss
  • Dental implants to replace your tooth and your root

Your Northport, NY dentist relies on quality materials and innovative technologies to restore your smile. Our dentures, for example, are modern and heads above the dentures offered during previous decades. And our dental implants are second to none.

It is our goal to give you a functional smile that you can be proud of!

What are the benefits of tooth replacement?

Besides a great smile, tooth replacement solutions in Northport, NY mean a better bite and improved oral health. Additionally, missing teeth can impact your ability to speak clearly. Our tooth replacement solutions address these issues.

When teeth are missing, existing teeth tend to move toward these gaps, which lead to wear on your enamel. Worn enamel may mean future cavities, root infections, breakage, and even tooth loss. Also, missing teeth lead to jawbone shrinkage, which may indicate an aged appearance.

When you have a better bite, you can improve your dietary selection, which may promote better overall health and digestion.

Your dentist in Northport, NY wants to receive all the benefits that tooth replacement has to offer. That is why our restorations are customized for your smile.

How does a fixed dental bridge work?

A typical scenario where a fixed bridge would be appropriate is if you have a single missing tooth or a few teeth missing in a row. Traditionally, the teeth on either side of the space are prepared for tooth crowns that support a restoration tooth or bridge of restoration teeth—a three-tooth bridge. We can also use a fixed bridge to cover larger spans.

Using a fixed bridge can be cost-effective, especially if adjacent teeth are badly broken down and can benefit from the placement of supporting crowns. However, if the adjacent teeth are in excellent condition, and circumstances allow, the choice of an implant may be the better option.

An implant is a thin but sturdy post implanted in your jaw. It can support a restoration tooth or help to support a bridge, denture, or partial denture.

A dental bridge is easy to care for, requiring only a floss threader, special brush, regular dental visits, and an excellent oral care routine at home.

A dental bridge is a practical solution to tooth loss.

How do dentures work?

Full dentures take the place of missing teeth. They are restoration teeth on an arch or plate and customized to fit your mouth, relying on suction, saliva, gravity, and the bony structure of your jaw to stay in place.

The first step to full dentures is scheduling an exam with your Northport, NY dentist. If you’re a good candidate for dentures, we take an impression of your mouth and use this model to create custom dentures that fit and function naturally.

For decades, dentures have helped improve the lives of millions of people. They are another example of an excellent, cost-effective tooth replacement method. There are a wide variety of solutions for adapting your dentures to fit all your needs. Some of these include:

  • Complete Dentures – Used when all teeth in an arch are missing.
  • Partial Dentures – Used when just a few teeth are missing.
  • Hybrid Dentures – Also referred to as a “fixed detachable,” hybrids are dentures that are fixed in place with dental implants but can be removed by the dentist as needed.

Are dental implants right for me?

A dental implant is a standalone tooth replacement solution in Northport, NY that does not involve adjacent teeth. This distinction is a significant consideration, especially for patients who have high rates of decay and a repeating cycle of restoration failure.

In addition to a single tooth replacement, implants can be used as the foundation to replace multiple missing teeth using complete or partial dentures.

A dental implant is a titanium post implanted in your jaw. Over the months, this post bonds with your jawbone and creates a firm replacement root. When bonding is complete, your dentist in Northport, NY finishes your implant with a replacement tooth that is always colored and shaped to blend in with your smile.

With dental implants, will I have to wait for my replacement tooth?

An “immediate” temporary crown is an option and is given ample consideration whenever the site in question is visible in your smile line. The most important factors we consider are whether we can achieve a high degree of initial stabilization of the implant and if there is an above-average amount of supportive jawbone.

The patient is instructed to avoid chewing on the temporary, and the temporary itself is always made a little shorter than what the actual tooth will be. This method helps to avoid any contact with opposing teeth. It also helps avoid overstressing the implant while the process of osseointegration (fusing to bone) is taking place. Micromovement will cause a lack of osseointegration and mean the potential early dental implant failure.  

dental implants in northport ny | northport family dentalIf conditions are not favorable, we recommend not placing a temporary in areas that are not esthetically critical. Where aesthetics are a concern, we can discuss the best option that applies to your situation.  We want to ensure clinical success in the long term as well as make the transitional period of healing as uneventful as possible.

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