Dental Implants in Northport, NY

Do you have a missing tooth or need to have a tooth extracted? If so, dental implants are often the best choice for replacing the missing tooth. We're pleased to offer our patients the convenience of implant treatment from start to finish right here at our Northport dental office.

older couple walking on beach l east northport ny dentistChoosing Dental Implants at Northport Family Dental

When assessing a severely compromised tooth, a dental implant is only one restorative option available to us. Predictability and anticipated length of service are just a few of the factors we consider when comparing alternative treatments.

However, there are times when site-specific anatomy may favor the choice of a “permanent” bridge. What’s important is that we take the time to explain the options available to you and have a dialogue about which option is best and why.

How Dental Implants in Northport Work

Dental implants are simply titanium root replacements that serve as a means of support and allow for restoration of function to the tooth. Implants can support a single post and crown or serve as the substructure for replacement of multiple missing teeth.

Having this option of a "third set" of teeth allows for a tremendous opportunity in restoring not only someone’s smile, but often their self-esteem. For many, the loss of function can actually rise to the level of a true disability. Considering this, a successful dental reconstruction can positively affect your quality of life.

Placing Your Dental Implants in Northport, NY

Nobody likes surprises. We prefer to map out our route before taking the trip. The time we spend planning placement of your dental implant benefits you because it translates into precise positioning and shorter treatment times.

When placing a dental implant, we start by looking at the restoration that will be used. In other words, we allow the final restoration to dictate, as much as possible, where the implant needs to be, and state-of-the-art cone beam imaging is at the core of our pre-surgical planning. This system allows us to visualize available bone volume three-dimensionally and measure the quantity and quality of bone available for placement of your implant and subsequent restoration.

older couple smiling outside l dr jeffrey rubinA surgical guide, fabricated to the specifications of the plan, is used to simplify implant placement in cases where appropriate. Whether or not we use this guide will be based on the information provided by the 3-D scan.

Each patient has unique needs, and it is our responsibility to assess, explain, and make our preferred treatment recommendations. This approach provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your treatment.

Uses for Dental Implants from Northport Family Dental

We use dental implants in a number of ways:

  • Replacement of a single tooth
  • Support for a “permanent” bridge
  • Added retention for an existing full or partial denture
  • Replacement of a removable denture with a hybrid

A hybrid is referred to as a fixed-detachable. It is attached to implants with screws and is removable only by the dentist. Since it sits directly on the implants and not on soft gum tissue, there is no movement as there is with traditional removables.

Please Contact Us for a Consultation

The addition of a dental implant and restoration can significantly improve stability and function of your teeth. If a dental implant is something you think you’d like to learn more about, please call Northport Family Dental. We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation with Dr. Rubin or Dr. Quinn to discuss your problem and review all your options.