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  • "Northport Family Dental provides a very welcoming and professional staff with state of the art technology at their fingertips. On my very first visit as a new patient I was made to feel welcome and comfortable in the clean, pleasant and organized waiting area and treatment room."

  • "This was my first visit and I was immediately impressed by the facility and the professionalism of the staff. I was further impressed by the attention to detail, explanations and information given by the Doctor about the available treatments and my options. Dental treatment is not high on my list of things I look forward to but this was a rewarding and relatively painless experience."

  • "My family and I have been going to Northport Dental for the past 20 years and we love it. Dr. Rubin is awesome and his staff of hygienists, assistants and administrators are all so nice and caring and professional. Dr. Rubin's office is total state of the art - with all the latest high-tech equipment and comfortable atmosphere. We've recommended this office to many friends who are all very happy."

  • "The staff was terrific...very friendly and welcoming. Everything went like clockwork. I can't think of an experience with a dentist that was as reassuring. Doctor Rubin was really something. He was approachable and easy to converse with. The technology and expertise was something to behold."

What can you tell me about Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Same-Day crowns in Northport, NY, are like regular tooth crowns but without the back and forth dental office travel and waiting!

If you've ever needed a dental crown, you know how long it can take from the initialAn illustration of same-day dental in Northport, NY appointment to final placement. First, your dentist takes goopy impressions. Then you wait while a distant lab fabricates your crown. Finally, the dental office offers you a temporary cap to see you through if you're lucky.

Not only is this approach time-consuming—and the impression material is very choky—but it means multiple trips to the dental office.

We want to make dentistry convenient for our patients, which is why we're thrilled to offer CEREC technology in our dental clinic.

How CEREC Same-Day Crowns in Northport, NY Are Different 

CEREC crowns are made while you wait! Imagine waking up in the morning in need of a dental crown and going to bed that night with a fully restored tooth. In most cases, it really is that easy.

The first step is the digital impression—no gunky impression pastes. Next, we send the digital impression to our on-site computer, where your crown is virtually crafted. From there, the impression results are off to our 3-D milling machine for fabrication and printing.

Your dentist then makes necessary adjustments before cementing your crown to the treated tooth. That's it. You are free to smile and enjoy your meals from then on without a second thought.

Are Same-Day Crowns Durable?

CEREC crowns are made from quality porcelain, a desirable material in dental restorations. It is strong and holds up well to normal chewing. And studies have found that they are just as durable as laboratory crowns.

However, crowns are like teeth in that they need care. In the case of your CEREC crown: brush it and floss it as you do your untreated teeth. And don't use either—tooth or crown—to twist off bottle caps or for similar unintended undertakings.

How Much Do Same-Day Tooth Crowns Cost?

Your dentist can only answer this question after your consultation. There are a few reasons why.

  • Insurance benefits may cover dental crowns, partially or in full, so you'll be reimbursed.
  • The complexity of tooth preparation for dental crown placement varies by patient.

However, your dentist or a member of our team will let you know how much your crown costs before we start treatment. We can also talk about financing through services like CareCredit.

Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Crown

Your Northport, NY dentist recommends dental crowns often because they treat several issues. For example, a dental crown strengthens a tooth weakened by infection, trauma, or root canal treatment.

A dental crown can also work in cosmetic dentistry to hide an unappealing or misshapen tooth.

If you need tooth replacement, a dental crown caps your dental implant behaving like a new tooth. It also anchors an artificial tooth to healthy teeth via a dental bridge.

Contact us for Dental Crowns in Northport, NY

Dental crowns are tooth caps that look like your natural teeth. They are always customized to fit in the shade and shape. 

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