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  • "Northport Family Dental provides a very welcoming and professional staff with state of the art technology at their fingertips. On my very first visit as a new patient I was made to feel welcome and comfortable in the clean, pleasant and organized waiting area and treatment room."

  • "This was my first visit and I was immediately impressed by the facility and the professionalism of the staff. I was further impressed by the attention to detail, explanations and information given by the Doctor about the available treatments and my options. Dental treatment is not high on my list of things I look forward to but this was a rewarding and relatively painless experience."

  • "My family and I have been going to Northport Dental for the past 20 years and we love it. Dr. Rubin is awesome and his staff of hygienists, assistants and administrators are all so nice and caring and professional. Dr. Rubin's office is total state of the art - with all the latest high-tech equipment and comfortable atmosphere. We've recommended this office to many friends who are all very happy."

  • "The staff was terrific...very friendly and welcoming. Everything went like clockwork. I can't think of an experience with a dentist that was as reassuring. Doctor Rubin was really something. He was approachable and easy to converse with. The technology and expertise was something to behold."


What Dental Implants Can Do For Your Smile

Graphic of dental implant in gums | Dental Implants Northport NY

Do you have a missing tooth in Northport, NY? Or perhaps you have a whole row of missing teeth? If so, dental implants might be the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Most dentists consider implants to be the “gold standard” of tooth replacement options because they are the only artificial tooth that can replace all components of a natural tooth, including the tooth roots. 

If you’re living with gaps in your smile, the best way to fill them is with a titanium dental implant post. 

Northport Dental Implants

At Northport Family Dental, we understand that the healthiest smiles are the ones that have either a natural or artificial tooth in every “tooth slot.” Adults ...

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Get Your Dental Crown in Just One Appointment

Dental Crowns One Appointment | Northport Family Dental | Northport, NY

If you have a dental crown, you probably remember how it went: For your first appointment, you had to go to your Northport, NY dentist and have your tooth prepared for the crown. Then came the goopy impression, which would be sent to the lab for fabrication of your crown. Your dentist applied a temporary crown that was at risk of falling off while you awaited your permanent crown.

Then you had to go to the dentist a second time for a follow-up appointment, during which your crown was placed and cemented into place. For most people, two dental appointments within a couple of weeks is a hassle. But with ...

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When Should You Bring Your Child in for Their First Dental Visit?

childrens dentistry northport ny

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the dentist should see your child around his or her first birthday or within six months following the first tooth. 

At North Port Family Dental, our well-trained staff understands that your child may be uneasy in a pediatric dentistry environment, especially during the first visit. We will do everything we can to put your child at ease. We want your child to enjoy coming to the dentist, and our pediatric patients love it here!

What Happens During the First Visit

During your child’s first oral health check, our dentist will examine your child’s bite and pay special attention to the way ...

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How to Know When It's Time for a New Toothbrush

general dentist northport ny | toothbrush with toothpaste on it

You’re an oral hygiene superstar who brushes twice a day and flosses once a day as instructed by your hygienist. You’ve even learned the proper technique for brushing, but you just had your six-month cleaning, and your hygienist informed you that you have gum disease.

How could this happen?

The point of brushing your teeth is to remove plaque and food debris that attract bacteria and lead to decay and gum disease. But a toothbrush with worn or flattened bristles isn’t going to clean your teeth as thoroughly as a fresh, new brush. Getting your teeth clean is the point of the exercise, so you may as well be sure your efforts ...

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Put Off Oral surgery

Girl in dental chair | oral surgery Northport NY

Unfortunately, many people are not fans of dentistry in general but say the words “oral surgery,” and even the most confident patients may feel a twinge of panic.

Of course, there’s a very good reason why your dentist recommends oral surgery, and in some cases, the procedure is needed to protect your general oral health and well-being. Whatever the reason in your case, you should know that there have been significant advances and improvements in oral surgery that make these procedures more efficient and comfortable than ever before.

If it has been a while since you last had oral surgery, you should understand that there have been dramatic improvements in the way ...

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How to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth When They Have Sensory Issues

Toothbrush and Toothpaste | Northport NY children's Dentist

As the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you know that it can be a challenge to help them brush their teeth.

In many cases, the problem is that kids with hypo- or hypersensitivity don’t like the sensation of having a toothbrush in their mouth. Kids with hyposensitivity are less aware of what’s going on in their mouth, which can create anxiety about brushing. Kids with hypersensitivity, on the other hand, feel everything in their mouth acutely, often causing every touch to be perceived as painful.

Tips for Helping Your Child Brush Comfortably

If your child has sensory issues, you may be frustrated because you know how critical it is to ...

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The Close Ties between Your Smile and Your Self-Confidence

woman smiling | cosmetic dentistry northport ny

A beautiful, confident smile is an enormous asset. When you know your teeth look bright and healthy, you are apt to smile more, which helps you feel good about yourself, and your confidence soars.

The Power of Smiling

What happens when you smile? For one thing, a smile releases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, so your reason for smiling in the first place is enhanced by feelings of well-being. Another benefit is that smiling can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Of course, you also look good when you smile, and others are more likely to view you as being attractive, sincere, and reliable. Studies have shown that others believe attractive people ...

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